I Love Fashion Retail Academy – Coming Soon!

Product Description


‘I Love Fashion Retail’ Academy is a result of 6 years of our experience working with some successful and some not-so-successful Online Fashion Labels. In this course, I am sharing some of the research that we have done in Fashion E-commerce along with collective wisdom of some of the leading names in the Online Fashion.

The inspiration to start this course came from one of the articles I wrote last year – “How to Build a Great Online Fashion Brand – 34 Things that Really Amazing Fashion Retailers Do” which got published on Moz back in May 2013. Ever since, we have received hundreds of Tweets & Emails from various Startups, Fashion Designers & Retailers who found our recommendations extremely helpful. However, since we know that number of things that amazing Fashion Retailers do is way more than #34, it can’t fit into one article. So, we decided that we will turn it into a course.

In this course, we will tell you what matters and what doesn’t, so that you can prioritize and invest your time and money in only the things that really matter in the making of a successful Online Fashion brand.

What’s in it for you?

In this course, you will learn the following (in less than 10 minutes each)

  • How to finance your Fashion start-up?
  • How to master the art of story telling to build a strong Fashion brand?
  • How to build a heartfelt relationship with your customers?
  • How to source products for your store?
  • Where to go for bulk manufacturing?
  • How to chose the e-commerce platform?
  • How to charge premium on your Fashion line?
  • How to master the art of content production?
  • How to scale-up your e-commerce business?
  • How to make right hiring decisions in the business of fashion?

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  All the lessons in the course are practical, easy to implement and can help you into keeping your start-up moving in the right direction.


Who am I?

I am a Business Analyst, Writer, Internet Marketer, Educator and a big Online Fashion Retail Researcher  (no particular order there). Many of my write-ups have been featured & published in Forbes & Moz.

I have spent last 6 years of my life giving Business Consulting to many E-commerce business around the world. From all the industries that I have worked in, Fashion E-commerce has been the one that has always excited me the most.

With this course, I want to bring all that knowledge to you, saving you 6 years of work.

The best way to connect with me is TWITTER. You can find me @pulkitra & @ilovefashionret