Leandra Medine – Consciously Making Women Dress for Themselves

Leandra Medine - Man Repeller
Leandra Medine – Man Repeller


Leandra Medine (above) is a New York-based journalist. Since starting her blog she has collaborated on films with the designer Michael Kors and Simon Doonan, creative ambassador at large at Barneys in New York. She has just secured a book deal. ‘My blog started as a simple “Would this repel men or not?” Now it’s more about questioning whether or not what I’m featuring is aesthetically pleasing and wearable art. Initially, I wasn’t the man-repeller; I was just making the observations.

Over time I started putting images of myself on the site, created a persona. It has expanded from just women’s fashion being repulsive to men to women consciously dressing for themselves and almost hoping that they will in fact achieve man-repeller status.’manrepeller.com



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