Conversion Rate Optimization & Brand Positioning

Are your customers leaving your website without completing the purchase? We can help.

We’re an Ecommerce Consulting Group providing specialized Conversion Rate Optimization services to Online Fashion Businesses across the world. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a small boutique owner or an emerging fashion brand, we can apply our unique conversion rate optimization methodology to multiply your e-commerce business. 

We’re different in that we not only have vast experience in Fashion E-commerce, but also have hands on experience in Online Marketing. We understand the practical and fundamental issues that most online fashion retailers face. We don’t come to you with theories and standard best practices such as button color, button text, killer copywriting, winning layouts, etc. but with solid pragmatic experience of managing and growing fashion business across the world.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients use us:

  • We’re fashion e-commerce specialist. Unlike other agencies, we’re only focussed on optimizing online fashion businesses.
  • Other agencies will work with you only on the website level, telling you what you can improve on your website. But often the problem is not just with the website but with the brand as well. This is where we can add most value. Because of our specialization in Fashion E-commerce and Brand Positioning, we’re able to deliver a complete strategy that works.
  • We guarantee our work. We give all our clients a six-week money-back guarantee. You must think we’re a good fit, or we’ll give you a full, prompt refund.

Typical Scope of Work

Our Conversion Rate Optimization & Brand Positioning service includes:

  • Gathering important ecommerce data points from your Google Analytics Account
  • Positioning your brand to effectively target your target customer audience
  • Optimize user experience at important touch points of your website
  • Effectively communicate your brand’s story and what makes it remarkably different
  • Gathering relevant customers data to improve the shopping experience of your customers
  • Recommending you ways to improve the perceived value of your brand (includes recommendations related to your product pictures & description)
  • Optimizing your website’s product search
  • Making your website’s checkout process smooth and seamless
  • Creating a clear sales path for the customers on your website
  • Improving the conversion rate of your website and consequent monthly sales

And much more.

Let’s talk more and see how we can help


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