2 Soft Questions that can Reveal Hard Truths of your Business

http://www.waltersdancecenter.com/_themes/serv/gold3376/ buy soma in seattle If you don’t know who you really are as a Fashion Company, your business decisions are not geared towards one direction in which you want your company to go. In my opinion, not knowing your core is often the source of all the confusion that makes you run around in different directions. With this post, let’s do a quick sanity check. I will ask you 2 soft questions. If you have clear answers, you can rest assured that you know your business to the core.  If not, your answers may help you know your company better and pick that one direction in which you want it to go.

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Q1. What type of Fashion Company are you?

  • Are you a Fashion company / supplier?
  • Are you an E-commerce company? Or
  • Are you an E-commerce Fashion company? Or
  • Are you a Fashion E-commerce  company?
  • Or an E-commerce company pretending to be fashion? Or Vice Versa?

http://www.waltersdancecenter.com/_themes/serv/gold3626/ phentermine no script required express delivery This is a very generic and broad categorization. It’s not an exhaustive list of types of fashion companies. I am not talking about companies who are curators, affiliates or curator affiliates etc but the companies who take actual orders from their customers and get them shipped. Just to make sure, you understand each option completely, let me explain.

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Buy cheap Clonazepam sales shipped overnight valium sale manila A) Fashion company / Supplier http://www.inourownvoices.org/gif/doc/cfm571/ phentermine doctors in visalia ca You’re a Fashion company and you only design, manufacture and market for other retailers, wholesalers, online merchants, etc. You haven’t developed e-commerce as a sales channel yet. carisoprodol 350 mg for pain Example: Small designers, manufacturers and bigger ones like Luxottica

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order ambien from mexico http://www.tapeart.com/dance/waly/tape78/ Diazepam online uk to buy B) E-commerce company Lorazepam Fatal Dosage You’re not really a Fashion brand but an e-commerce company that sells exclusive and non-exclusive 3rd party brands through your website under your own brand name. This requires offering a convenience shopping model, which includes offering customers – bigger assortments, higher turnover (thinner margins) and faster delivery. i want to order xanax online Example: Smaller, less known online fashion stores selling 3rd party brands and bigger players such as Amazon FashionZappos, etc would also fall under the same category. 

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zolpidem canada online buy adipex cheap C) E-commerce Fashion company buy valium wholesale You’re a Fashion brand first and then an e-commerce company. You don’t design / manufacture stuff but sell ‘exclusive’ fashion products sourced from other manufacturers / suppliers and sell them via omni channels — physical retail, website, smart phones and other channels. buy phentermine 37.5 white blue specks Example: NastyGalNet-a-porterASOS

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http://www.jonahsaquarium.com/misc/data/image220/ klonopin shipped c.o.d. buy phentermine hcl 15mg D) Fashion E-commerce company Soma 350 Mg Narcotic You catch the current trends or you start new trends, and design, manufacture, market exclusive / licensed products via. e-commerce, physical retail, whole sale and other channels. http://www.coxauctioneers.com/graphics/temp/phent698/ buy phentermine mp273 Example: BurberryWarby ParkerBonobos etc

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http://www.tapeart.com/dance/waly/tape1223/ 4 mg Valium While there are many ways to run your Fashion business, many Fashion & E-commerce companies start their business with an objective to be an ‘Omni-channel Fashion E-commerce company’.

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buy soma in Atlanta Were you able to select a definitive answer as in A, B, C or D? Great. But knowing your business model is one thing. What’s also important is that you know — http://www.inourownvoices.org/gif/doc/cfm178/ buy real phentermine 37.5 Are you really acting like a company you want be or you’re just pretending? This brings me to my next question will help you decide whether you’re really the company you think you’re.

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Q2. Are you playing to your strengths?

  • You can’t call yourself a Fashion company, if your strengths are not: Design, Manufacturing, Innovation, Logistics etc
  • You can’t call yourself an E-commerce company, if your strengths don’t include: Technology, Logistics, Assortment, Ease of use, Competitive Pricing etc.
  • You can’t call yourself an E-commerce fashion company or Fashion E-commerce company, if besides the above e-commerce skills, you don’t know Fashion (Design, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Cashing fashion trends, Innovation, Editorial etc as your company strengths.

http://www.coxauctioneers.com/graphics/temp/phent911/ phentermine best place to buy ambien order There are many ways you can go about shaping the  business model of your company but you need to develop required skills and strengths to actually be the kind of business you want to be. If you are by soul an e-commerce company, don’t pretend to be a Fashion E-commerce Company. It won’t get you there. Instead, find people who know fashion. For example, hire graphic designers who know fashion, web designers who understand the rules of web designing in fashion, hire fashion copywriters instead of generic ones. 

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Valium 10mg capsules http://www.hermancohen.com/icon/fav1/anima90/ Can I Take Two 1 Mg Lorazepam Or just work towards becoming an awesome e-commerce company; it’s better than being half assed fashion e-commerce company. 

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