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Cynthia Jamin on her Childhood Horror, Being Authentic and Running a Thriving Kids’ Clothing Business

Cynthia Jamin

It’s been 7 years since Cynthia started TwirlyGirl with her first Original ‘Reversible Twirly Dress’, and today she is the owner of a thriving children’s wear brand. TwirlyGirl has sold tens of thousands of dresses and is carried in over a hundred kids boutiques across the US and around the world. That said, there is more to her […]

Fashion Forecasting in Ecommerce: How Trends Affect your Business


It doesn’t matter whether you are paying attention or not: trends change continuously and they impact your business in a much larger way than you can imagine. They decide whether your product sourcing and branding decisions will prove to be right or wrong; and whether your customers will perceive your products to be ‘hot new’ or ‘indifferent’. You […]

We’re in Textbook Published by Fairchild/Bloomsbury Publications

The Fashion Industry & Its Careers

With this post, I want to thanks Dr. Michele Granger, Professor at Missouri State University and textbook author for Fairchild/Bloomsbury Publications, Inc for including us in the 3rd Edition (Chapter 9) of her book entitled: The Fashion Industry and Its Careers. I just received my copy and after going through the first chapter, I know why the previous […]

Do you Know Your Customers Well Enough?


“Who are your target customers?” For a consulting company like us, it sounds like a very cliche question to ask, but we can’t suggest our clients a strategy until we understand their target customers. So we have to ask this question again and again. The responses we usually get are something like: “We are targeting tall men 18-45 […]

MINIMALIST: Our New eBook is now available


Our new book MINIMALIST is now available. This book contains all that we’ve learned about Fashion E-commerce. This guide is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, fashion designer, blogger, online marketer or anyone working on a big fashion e-commerce idea. It’s for you if you realize that standard e-commerce & online marketing rules don’t apply to […]

Ecommerce Perfectionism: The Devils in the finer details


The Devils in the details: An expression of the concept that many things seem straightforward on the surface, but difficulties, problems, and obstacles are later discovered while trying to implement or execute a task or plan. Also stated (somewhat paradoxically) as “God is in the details…” Paying attention to finer details – you know what […]

Podcast Episode 1: Emily Harrison on Getting your Fashion line Manufactured in China or Anywhere else in the World


Emily Harrison & Jennie Engelhardt, Co-founders at Hare + Hart Few weeks ago I emailed some of you lovely people who are on my email list, asking about the pain areas of your business, to which I got an email from Kristiana from Fierce Finds, which is a mobile boutique based in Florida. One of her questions was that whether […]

How to Build a Million $$ Ecommerce Business With Zero Marketing Budget – My Take!

Black-Milk-Clothing ILoveFashionRetail

  I was reading this Shopify article – “How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Business With $0 Marketing Budget”. While I enjoyed reading the article, and I love Blackmilkclothing as a brand for many obvious reasons, I found the title of the article to be somewhat misleading. I find it misleading because of some […]

What’s the Growth Strategy of your Online Fashion store?

Lately I’ve been spending some time with Fashion E-commerce entrepreneurs who are looking for business advice. Inevitably, the topic of growth comes up – “How can we grow our business?” When talking about growth, I see how many of us are overly focussed on marketing. We are looking for “Out of the box” ideas, those ninja techniques that will sky rocket […]