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Shipping Lessons for E-commerce Fashion Startups – Interview with Rob Martinez from Shipware LLC

Image source: Shipware LLC Every Start-up Online Retailer has to deal with this. An otherwise amazing seller with a brilliant range of products gets its first few orders from its newly launched website. The shipment boxes are personally packed and delivered with a lot of excitement and warmth. The customers are happy for all the […]

How Online Retailers can use Fashion Illustrations: Interview with Danielle Meder

With the increasing competition in the e-commerce market, online fashion brands are always on a lookout to make their brand look unique and more memorable. And in these photography saturated times, fashion illustrations can help you offer something fresh to your customers in different ways. So we had a chat with Danielle Meder of Final […]

Fashion Copywriting: 13 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions that Will Get Your Customers to Say “YES”

Image Source: WiseGeek Amidst all the complexities involved in running an Online Fashion Store, retailers tend to forget that at the end of the day it’s about selling. They spend money on inventory, building a website, fulfillment and marketing to bring people to their website, only to show them products with cookie-cutter descriptions. Gone are […]

How Fashion Start-ups can work with Influencers: Interview with Lenka Gourdie

Image Source: Sale Servant We stole Lenka Gourdie away from her busy routine to talk to us about Influencer Marketing. Check out her take on how start-up and emerging fashion brands can work with Online Influencers to boost their sales and brand awareness.  Lenka has over 15 years international sales and marketing experience from a variety of […]