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MINIMALIST: Our New eBook is now available


Our new book MINIMALIST is now available. This book contains all that we’ve learned about Fashion E-commerce. This guide is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, fashion designer, blogger, online marketer or anyone working on a big fashion e-commerce idea. It’s for you if you realize that standard e-commerce & online marketing rules don’t apply to […]

Ecommerce Perfectionism: The Devils in the finer details


The Devils in the details: An expression of the concept that many things seem straightforward on the surface, but difficulties, problems, and obstacles are later discovered while trying to implement or execute a task or plan. Also stated (somewhat paradoxically) as “God is in the details…” Paying attention to finer details – you know what […]

Podcast Episode 1: Emily Harrison on Getting your Fashion line Manufactured in China or Anywhere else in the World


Emily Harrison & Jennie Engelhardt, Co-founders at Hare + Hart Few weeks ago I emailed some of you lovely people who are on my email list, asking about the pain areas of your business, to which I got an email from Kristiana from Fierce Finds, which is a mobile boutique based in Florida. One of her questions was that whether […]

How to Build a Million $$ Ecommerce Business With Zero Marketing Budget – My Take!

Black-Milk-Clothing ILoveFashionRetail

  I was reading this Shopify article – “How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Business With $0 Marketing Budget”. While I enjoyed reading the article, and I love Blackmilkclothing as a brand for many obvious reasons, I found the title of the article to be somewhat misleading. I find it misleading because of some […]

What’s the Growth Strategy of your Online Fashion store?

Lately I’ve been spending some time with Fashion E-commerce entrepreneurs who are looking for business advice. Inevitably, the topic of growth comes up – “How can we grow our business?” When talking about growth, I see how many of us are overly focussed on marketing. We are looking for “Out of the box” ideas, those ninja techniques that will sky rocket […]

When customers don’t ‘feel’ like buying on your website

Emotional Ecommerce

 What do you do when customers land on your website but do not buy? You have tried various things such as — slashing off the price, offer more discounts, improving search & checkout process, adding more inventory and what not in the name of conversion rate optimization but your conversion rate has refused to improve. Maybe you’re […]

Shipping Lessons for E-commerce Fashion Startups – Interview with Rob Martinez from Shipware LLC

Rob Martinez Shipping Tips for Fashion Startups

Image source: Shipware LLC Every Start-up Online Retailer has to deal with this. An otherwise amazing seller with a brilliant range of products gets its first few orders from its newly launched website. The shipment boxes are personally packed and delivered with a lot of excitement and warmth. The customers are happy for all the […]

How Online Retailers can use Fashion Illustrations: Interview with Danielle Meder


With the increasing competition in the e-commerce market, online fashion brands are always on a lookout to make their brand look unique and more memorable. And in these photography saturated times, fashion illustrations can help you offer something fresh to your customers in different ways. So we had a chat with Danielle Meder of Final […]