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‘Being Different’ is Not Enough: Applying Differentiation Marketing to Fashion E-commerce

“Differentiation means thinking very hard about the market and your competitors and somehow making yourself different. Any rational person spending a fair amount of time with perfect information will have no trouble figuring out why you’re different.” - Seth Godin Fashion is one of the most competitive industries in the world and differentiation has long been […]

How to Build a Passionate Community Around Your Brand – Definitive Guide for Online Fashion Retailers

This post is for you if you dream of building a passionate and engaging community of customers around your brand. I touched ‘Community Building’ briefly in one of my articles last year and since then I got the opportunity to discuss different ideas related to community building with some of our clients and readers. If there […]

Running an Online-Only Fashion Store: Why It Pays To Also Have a Physical Presence?

What is the biggest distinction between online and offline selling? It’s Physical touch. When you’re selling your products from a physical showroom, your customers can touch your products, try them on before buying them; however in online selling, your customers can touch or try the products only after they have bought it. It’s easy to […]

How Much Inventory do you Need?

Do you ever feel that people are not buying from you because you don’t have enough stock. Does more stock mean more sales? We know that it’s not true, especially in the Business of Fashion E-commerce. You don’t need an inventory of thousands of SKUs to build a Profitable Fashion E-commerce brand. Your customers will always […]

How to Get your Brand in the Hands of Editors, Fashion Bloggers & Celebrities – PR Handbook for Fashion Retailers

What if Beyonce tweets about your brand? What if Bradley Cooper gets photographed wearing your t-shirt? Or may be Leandra Medine  talks about your denim on her style blog. That’s a lot of brand exposure that has the power to sky rocket your brand to fame and fortune. Sadly, it seldom happens by chance. You can’t […]

How Online Fashion Retailers can use Data for Decision Making? Interview with Marivi Avalos from Fashionbi

Fashion is fickle and can change in a dime. That’s why there is always a feeling of uncertainty one has to deal with while making decisions. One wrong decision and  you can get stuck with wrong merchandise or un-sold dead-stock. Most retailers make merchandising and marketing decisions based on intuition (which is only natural in […]