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Fashion Copywriting: 13 Tips for Writing Product Descriptions that Will Get Your Customers to Say “YES”

Image Source: WiseGeek Amidst all the complexities involved in running an Online Fashion Store, retailers tend to forget that at the end of the day it’s about selling. They spend money on inventory, building a website, fulfillment and marketing to bring people to their website, only to show them products with cookie-cutter descriptions. Gone are […]

How Fashion Start-ups can work with Influencers: Interview with Lenka Gourdie

Image Source: Sale Servant We stole Lenka Gourdie away from her busy routine to talk to us about Influencer Marketing. Check out her take on how start-up and emerging fashion brands can work with Online Influencers to boost their sales and brand awareness.  Lenka has over 15 years international sales and marketing experience from a variety of […]

Third Party Logistics Vs. In-house: What’s the Right Path for Order Fulfillment for Fashion E-commerce Startups?

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet some requirements. – Wikipedia When we look at the successful Online Fashion brands, as fascinating as they may look from the outside, there is an extremely complex supply chain running these businesses. […]

Videos for Fashion E-commerce Start-ups are Overrated?

Fashion is inherently a business that demands use of inspiring visuals to secure mind share of your customers. People tend to judge and build relationship with brands based on the visuals these brands feed them.  And thus, Fashion brands have to make a steep investment in this part of their business. For example, Freepeople hired TheMill & SwellNY to create this […]

10 Ways Online Fashion Retailers Can Work with Fashion Designers and Build a Great Supplier Base

This post is dedicated to the start-up retailers whose business model requires working with Fashion Designers as their suppliers. You can apply these industry proven practices to improve relationships with your suppliers and improve your overall business profitability. We all know how fashion designers operate: Fashion Designers create sketches They buy enough material to create […]

Influencer Marketing: One of the Quickest Ways to Build your Brand’s Visibility & Demand on the Internet?

Internet is a lonely place to be when you’re a start-up brand. Few people pay attention when you say something. You just keep sharing things, hoping that somebody will find it via. search and engage with it. You don’t know where your customers are, what they’re doing and you have vague idea of things they’re […]

Why Google Adwords is a Bad Marketing Channel for Start-up Fashion Brands?

“The fact is, advertising to build brand and recognition and demand is a very long-term proposition, not something you measure with clicks.” – Seth Godin You’re welcome to prove me wrong but my experience with using Google Adwords for start-up says that Google Adwords is a bad marketing channel for selling products which have low […]

Which E-commerce Business Model is for you: Multi Brand Vs. Proprietary Brand

When you decide to start your own online store, the biggest question you have to deal with is – what should you sell? should you sell other people’s brands or should you sell products from small manufacturers under your own label or should you rather get your own clothing line manufactured These are questions that […]